You are worthy — Poem and Affirmation

Bonnie Wicks
1 min readJun 18, 2020

Hello Beautiful, just in case you needed reminding:

You are worthy

You were born worthy

You will die worthy

If your husband leaves

If your dad hates you

You are worthy

You’re worth is not determined by any man

If your sister betrays you

If your mother hates you

You’re worth is not determined by any woman

That’s on them

Not you

You are a diamond

Maybe unpolished

Maybe with a few scars

Some weathered edges

Some spots you wish were better

But you are worthy of being cherished like a perfect diamond

As you are now

Right this minute

You are beautiful

You are worthy



Bonnie Wicks

Creater of Pele Perfumerie candles designed to bring light to your life. A Wife, Mum, Life-long Learner. Dedicated to self-improvement & empowerment. Be Kind.